by Adrien Vargas
by Adrien Vargas

hi my name is catarina I'm a big fan of the arctic monkeys and I have the chance to win VIP tickets for their show here in portugal. All I need is to get lots of votes and thats a problem for me. This means the world to me as you can imagine. Would you mind rebloging my last post please and vote? Thank you so much <3

Sure. I’ll reblog it on my main blog. Good luck :)

i just hate those bitches in first line of glastonbury Arctic Monkeys concert who sing not even a one song.

Yeah, u just told me this in my other blog ahhaha. they can go suck a cow dick.

I love your blog. Sorry I went a bit crazy there reblogging everything...

ohh thanks sooo much, im glad. haha it’s ok I didn’t noticed. Thanks :)